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Video: Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Cursing Out His Job On Doorbell Camera


Another day and another video clip hits TikTok of an Amazon Delivery Driver being caught in a less than favorable way and having it shared around the internet. The most recent video to go viral on TikTok was uploaded on June 10th by the account @whatokwhynot and in 10 days has accrued over 2.8 million views and over 375,000 likes.

Amazon Delivery Driver Was Worried of TikTok Virality

In the video, the driver can be seen carrying 3 packages to the door including one very large box. Along the way, he is seen to be cursing and declaring how he hates his job. Upon putting the boxes down on the porch he is seen to notice the camera at which point he pauses and says to the camera “Please don’t make this go viral online”

Unfortunately for him, the resident didn’t seem to take his request seriously…and 2.8 million views later here we are.


@Amazon Instead of going viral, how about we give this man the raise he deserves! @Barstool Sports @Be A Man @Ring #fyp #Amazon #deliveryheroes #funny #ringcamera

♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

This isn’t the first time that Amazon delivery drivers have been caught out on doorbell cameras, just a few months ago one Amazon driver was caught kicking and throwing packages at a customer’s home. It isn’t all bad though as other Amazon drivers have been caught helping customers or following their wishes, like this one driver who was caught hiding a customer’s package from her husband and then pretending to be a preacher when confronted by him.

As a rule for us all, we have to be more and more aware that when out in the world there is a higher chance than ever before that you could be being recorded.

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