Video – FedEx Driver Helps Amazon Delivery Driver Afford a Drink

Another TikTok video has gone viral but this one is slightly different than the type of videos we are used to featuring FedEx drivers or Amazon and USPS delivery drivers. Rather than catching a driver in a compromising position or doing something funny for the camera, this video features a FedEx driver explaining a recent interaction he had with an Amazon delivery driver.

He explains how an Amazon driver came up to him on his route as they were both working and asked if he could have $2 to buy a drink as he had no money on him and it was a very hot day in Los Angeles. The TikTok user Jairo took to the platform to explain the interaction and how it gave him a whole new appreciation for FedEx in comparison to Amazon.

TikTok User @elcompajairo69

FedEx Driver To The Rescue as Amazon Driver Battles Cost of Living

Amazon whilst winning numerous awards for being a great place to work, has come up against numerous battles with their warehouse and delivery workers’ pay and conditions. Just last week a memo was leaked stating how the company knew something had to change or they would run out of people to hire.

As Jairo mentions in his video above, the cost of living is affecting drivers everywhere who aren’t seeing a rise in their wages to offset the current inflation the US is seeing, especially when considering gas prices in California.

“I know how it feels like to be super thirsty and having to go somewhere to grab some water and not have money on you. I’ve been through that. So I gave him $10 the last $10 I had in my wallet and he was like nah man that’s too much man and I’m like nah man don’t even worry about it. I was like you know what I been through it, I feel your pain don’t worry about it.”

“So he was like man you know what can I give you a hug, like is it cool if I give you a hug? And I was like yeah sure and I gave him a hug. You know and he was just telling me you know that he drives far to go to work and all that and it sucks ‘cuz all his money goes to gas right now. And I’m just like wow you know I’m just tripping out.”

Jairo, FedEx Driver, Los Angeles

Many TikTok users were quick to comment and applaud the generosity of Jairo the FedEx driver for helping his fellow delivery driver, even if he was from a rival company. The video which at the time of writing has been viewed over 100,000 times highlights the generosity of people, but also the tough working conditions for Amazon delivery drivers.

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