USPS UPS Rivalry Caught on Camera

Video: USPS & UPS Rivalry Caught on Camera


Footage from a doorbell camera has emerged showing an intense race to the door as both USPS and UPS arrive at the same time to deliver packages. The rivalry amongst the various courier companies is not new and is often well documented between the big 4 of USPS, UPS, FedEx and now Amazon.

It is not common however, to see these rivalries play out in real time in the real world, but that’s what has been caught on a Ring doorbell camera. Unfortunately there is no clue as to where this event took place, however you can see the footage below. The TikTok video has now been viewed over 5.6 million times.


As you can see in the TikTok video it is all in good spirits as after the short race (which UPS won and playfully rang the doorbell first) the two delivery drivers can be heard laughing with each other as they walk back to their vehicles.

The comments on the TikTok include one from someone who claims to be a USPS worker that states:

“Me being a USPS worker, this is the best times. People always assume that we are enemies but we’re not”

TikTok Commenter

Other comments included those which poked fun at the other courier companies including “FedEx are a block down the street delivering to the wrong address” and “Amazon delivered 5 hours earlier”

In what seems like a stressful world with so much uncertainty it is still great to see that people can find ways to have fun in their jobs.

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