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We have a new announcement from Volusion that they have appointed Bardia Dejban as their new CEO. You can see the press release below, but we wanted to highlight our eCommerce influencer piece with Bardia which he was kind enough to do with us last year to help better introduce him to you.

You can also check out Bardia’s welcome blog post here.

AUSTIN, Texas, August 19, 2019 — Volusion, the only ecommerce platform on the market built specifically for the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, today announced the appointment of Bardia Dejban as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Bardia DejbanDejban will succeed Volusion founder Kevin Sproles, who will transition out of the role while staying on at the company to guide product and technology innovation. Dejban has been an integral part of Volusion’s evolution and success since he joined the company in 2016, after a long and successful career in product management. Dejban first served as Volusion’s Chief of Staff, followed by CTO, then COO, where he worked alongside Sproles in mapping the company’s market strategy.

Prior to joining Volusion, Dejban successfully founded and bootstrapped a creative development firm and agency, as well as a data-driven workforce science/analytics company. Prior to these accomplishments, Dejban was a director at InteractiveCorp (IAC), where he was responsible for the new mobile division at Citysearch, playing a key role in driving the organization to profitability within 6 months.

Dejban has led or supported the successful launch of over 150 software and SaaS products, collectively totaling $3 billion in annual revenue for companies such as Alibaba, Gifts.com, OpenTable, Hearst Corporation, Citrix, Evite, Kaiser Permanente, and Thomson Reuters. Dejban’s combined entrepreneurial, consumer product development, and enterprise software experience has helped him shape a corporate philosophy of autonomy, transparency, and simplicity.

These core tenets serve as the catalyst in Dejban leading the Volusion team to create market leading customer-first products – fueling high-quality digital experiences that are fast to market and seamless for customer deployment. Since he joined Volusion, Dejban has been instrumental in rebuilding the company’s infrastructure, go-to-market strategy, and core product suite from the inside out, culminating in the launch of Volusion’s heralded new ecommerce platform, V2.

Volusion’s Vision: Flexible, Fast, and Reliable Ecommerce

volusionVolusion stands behind small business entrepreneurs, founders, and owners, ready and willing to help them to succeed at all stages, from awareness, to brand building, to revenue generation. As CEO, Dejban is steadfast in his commitment to customers, and shares his vision for the future of Volusion, outlining three key areas where the company will focus time and resources:

  • Flexibility: Volusion will always provide customers with multiple options to establish their brand(s) and run online businesses, from simple website updates to total value-chain integration capabilities. Volusion’s open APIs and customized workflows enable brands to optimize for all devices, faster and better than any other platform. Volusion also provides a truly open partner ecosystem where professional developers and business partners alike can extend and enhance online shopper experiences. This flexibility caters to a wide variety of customers, from an individual looking to create a website, to a major retailer that generates millions of dollars a month in sales. New site integrations will also be quick and painless due to a renewed focus on the developer experience and API performance.
  • Speed: Dejban is dedicated to maintaining Volusion’s commitment to be the fastest ecommerce solution, providing customers with the fastest loading websites in the world. Page speed and consumer APIs are front and center on Volusion websites – enabling efficient merchant operations as well as quick customer support and resolution.
  • Reliability: Given the inconsistency of general ecommerce solutions, Volusion commits to be the most reliable website platform on the market, offering customers technology built from the ground up to scale in the cloud as customer demand grows, load test at high velocity, and continue to improve and enhance small business customer operations. With over 20+ years of expertise around website development and engaging customer experiences, the Volusion team offers reliable channels of communication, while partners can continue to rely on the company for solutions.

“A single idea can change the world, and we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs and innovators to help them realize their visions,” said Volusion CEO, Bardia Dejban. “Our customers depend on us every single minute of every day for this business, and it’s crucial that they feel supported 24/7, 365 days a year. This will be my singular purpose as CEO, and what will keep me motivated to do better for our customers, and their customers.”

“Every great company has a visionary behind the scenes, putting the customer wants and needs first and foremost. That has been Bardia since his first day at the Volusion watercooler, and I’m so proud to name him CEO,” said Kevin Sproles, Volusion’s founder, Chairman of the Board, and former CEO. “Bardia has been integral in meeting all of our greatest achievements, and I am confident that his experience, vision, and operating know-how will help elevate Volusion past anything we’ve seen before.”

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