Walmart and Nuro

Walmart launches a pilot with autonomous vehicle company, Nuro.

Nuro’s vision of using robotics to improve lives runs parallel with Walmart’s mission of helping customers live better.

WalmartThrough the Houston-based pilot, Walmart aims to develop, refine and continue learning how to offer the best end-to-end customer experience.

Walmart is committed to delivering groceries – with a side of time-saving convenience – through its ever-expanding Grocery Pickup and Delivery service.

The retailer has grown its online grocery footprint to nearly 3,100 pickup locations with deliveries coming from more than 1,600 stores – powered by Walmart’s team of over 50,000 personal shoppers.

Making Every Day Easier for Customers

Walmart’s unparalleled size and scale have allowed it to steer grocery delivery to the front doors of millions of families – and design a roadmap for the future of the industry.

Along the way, it has been test-driving a number of different options for getting groceries from its stores to its customers’ front doors through self-driving technology.

The retail giant believes that this technology is a natural extension of its Grocery Pickup and Delivery service, and its goal of making every day a little easier for customers.

While its customers experience the best of Walmart through Grocery Pickup and Delivery, the company continues to test autonomous vehicle capabilities in order to better understand the path self-driving technology can take it down the road.

What technology will make your customers’ lives easier?

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