Walmart grocery offers curb side alcohol pickup at 2000 US stores

It looks like the grocery war is still going strong. Just last week Amazon announced that they would be offering free grocery delivery to Prime customers.

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Walmart have since announced that they are going after the booze market by offering customers the ability to pick up their beer wine and spirits orders at the same time as the rest of their grocery purchases.

online shopping WalmartWhilst local laws in some states will limit the expansion, Walmart has already announced that you can order alcohol online and pickup from over 2000 stores across 29 different states.

Adding to that extra level of convenience, Walmart has now opened alcohol delivery in over 200 stores across California and Florida.

Alcohol Delivery Isn’t New

The truth is that the concept of alcohol delivery isn’t new. It is a service that is offered by a range of different providers dependent on your location.

Target owned Shipt offers alcohol delivery from its range of supported retailers. Amazon Prime Now offers it as well, along with services like Drizly, Saucey, Postmates and Uber Eats depending on your location.

The main driver for Walmart however is convenience.

They know that the store that can offer it ‘all under one roof’ or ‘all on one website/app’ are ultimately going to win. This is where they are having to compete strongly with Amazon.

Walmart has realised that in order to truly win the grocery battle they need to make customers lives easier.

This means customers doing their entire grocery shop in one place and not having to checkout on multiple sites or apps, for things on their lists.

They also know that if a customer can’t get it all online and they would have to get out in the car anyway, then they risk the customer going elsewhere for the rest of their grocery shop.

Who do you think will win this battle of the groceries? Let us know in the comments down below or over in our Facebook group.

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