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Walmart Intensifies Waste Reduction for Sustainable Omnichannel Fulfillment Network


Walmart has unveiled a series of proactive measures aimed at encouraging environmentally conscious decision-making and tackling the issue of excessive packaging waste linked to online purchases.

These initiatives encompass a range of strategies, including the transition from plastic to recyclable paper mailers, optimizing cardboard box packaging sizes, providing customers with the choice to consolidate shipments for ecommerce orders, discontinuing the use of single-use plastic bags for online pickups, and streamlining last-mile delivery operations to decrease mileage and delivery durations.

Promote Sustainable Choices and Minimize Packaging Waste in Online Orders

In a bid to empower customers to reduce plastic waste, retail giant Walmart has implemented new measures to enhance sustainability.

Going forward, the majority of packages shipped from fulfillment centers, stores, and marketplace items shipped through Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) will be delivered in recyclable paper bag mailers.

This strategic transition is projected to eliminate a staggering 65 million plastic bag mailers, equating to over 2,000 tons of plastic, from circulation in the United States by the end of this fiscal year.

Furthermore, Walmart is set to offer customers across the nation the option to decline single-use plastic bags for their online Pickup orders. Initial trials have displayed promising adoption rates, with the potential to remove millions of single-use bags from circulation annually.

The retailer aims to complete the nationwide rollout of this initiative by the end of this year, further bolstering their commitment to sustainable practices.

“Our commitment to regeneration is core to who we are and how we innovate at Walmart. Customers have told us how excited they are about these enhancements to make it easier for them to make more sustainable choices that support the planet and the next generation,” said Karisa Sprague, senior vice president, Fulfillment Network Operations, Walmart U.S.

Convenient Solutions To Minimize Plastic Waste in Online Orders

In its ongoing commitment to sustainable practices, Walmart is continuing to introduce measures to reduce the excessive use of cardboard in shipping products to customers by means of adopting right-sized packaging technology in approximately half of its fulfillment network.

This advanced technology enables the creation of custom-fitted packages tailored to each customer’s order.

By eliminating unnecessary empty space within the box, this innovative solution reduces the requirement for filler materials by an impressive 60%. Furthermore, it diminishes waste resulting from oversized boxes by up to 26%, resulting in an enhanced unboxing experience for customers.

In addition to this packaging advancement, Walmart has made it possible for all online shoppers to request consolidation of multiple items into fewer boxes.

This option not only reduces waste but also minimizes the number of shipments required, giving customers greater control over their orders. Walmart aims to optimize efficiency and promote sustainable practices throughout its ecommerce operations.

AI and Sustainable Delivery Methods To Enhance Online Order Fulfillment

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability, Walmart has integrated applied AI technology to optimize the fulfillment process for online purchases. Through this innovative approach, the company can identify instances where items can be efficiently fulfilled from its network of stores instead of relying solely on fulfillment centers.

This strategic decision results in a reduction in both the number of miles traveled and the number of shipping boxes utilized.

To ensure environmentally friendly transportation from stores to customers’ homes, Walmart consolidates multiple orders onto single delivery routes and utilizes electric vans for transportation.

Leveraging its extensive network of 4,700 stores as fulfillment centers, the retailer effectively activates an end-to-end system that accelerates delivery times while simultaneously reducing fleet miles and emissions.

These measures align with Walmart’s commitment to achieving zero emissions by 2040 while enhancing the overall customer experience through faster and more sustainable deliveries.

“With a Walmart store located within 10 miles of 90% of the U.S. population, we can make a meaningful difference for our customers by strategically using our stores and last-mile delivery network to reduce waste and emissions,” said Jennifer McKeehan, senior vice president of End-to-End Delivery at Walmart U.S. “I’m proud of the efforts we’ve made and will continue to make as we keep regeneration at the forefront of delivery.”

With a remarkable 27% increase in Walmart’s ecommerce business, the retail giant remains dedicated to investing in omnichannel capabilities that not only cater to evolving customer needs but also foster sustainable business expansion and fulfillment networks.

Walmart Transforming Business To Be More Sustainable

The latest enhancements announced by the company mark a significant milestone in Walmart’s quest to promote sustainable choices for customers, regardless of their shopping preferences.

These transformative changes, supported by cutting-edge technology, underscore Walmart’s purpose-driven approach and leverage its extensive omnichannel reach.

Walmart is committed to becoming a more regenerative company, prioritizing social and environmental concerns that are pertinent to its operations, valued by its stakeholders, and where Walmart can make a positive impact.

By placing people and the planet at the forefront of its growth strategy, Walmart exemplifies its dedication to becoming a more sustainable and responsible corporate entity.

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