Walmart - Ship With Walmart Domestic Shipping Update

Walmart Launches New ‘Ship With Walmart’ Service for Domestic Shipment

Walmart has launched a new service on its marketplace platform, enabling Walmart third-party sellers to print shipping labels for U.S. domestic shipments through its ‘Ship With Walmart’ (SWW) service.

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The crucial aspect here is that Walmart has expanded SWW it previously provided to U.S. sellers for shipping to Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations, to also include domestic shipments.

This newly launched expansion allows sellers to purchase and print domestic shipping labels directly in the Seller Center or via Walmart’s API.

Sellers who fulfill their own orders through SWW will receive pre-negotiated discounted shipping rates on USPS and FedEx. Currently, these are the only two carriers supported, but the company left the door open to add additional carriers later.

The new domestic solution allows shippers to enter custom box dimensions and pick the shipping option to meet their delivery promise date. Once the label is generated, Walmart will update the tracking information on its platform and notify the customer, streamlining the domestic shipping process.

In addition to making domestic shipments easier, this expanded version of SWW should help sellers to better meet their promised Estimated Ship Date (ESD) which will be shortened to 4 days on June 6, 2023.

By enabling domestic shipping, the new SWW that can handle U.S. and international shipping, akin to eBay Labels and similar services offered by other marketplaces.

This new service should be live now for all U.S.-based sellers through Walmart’s Seller Center.

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