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Walmart Partners With Buzzfeed With Its Tasty App

Walmart has signed a deal with BuzzFeed’s Tasty app to help the company sell its kitchen utensils, appliances and soon its groceries through links in its recipe videos.

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Now, their app users can enjoy their viral videos and order products directly from the app on and

According to Business Insider, Tasty’s mobile app will contain links to buy Walmart products starting Thursday.

The link will lead the users directly on either and, which are owned by Walmart. The company will also integrate groceries beginning next year together with its other services like Walmart’s online grocery pickup.

By introducing the ability to shop for products directly from the Tasty app, this partnership combines content and commerce to create a convenient and fun experience for the users.

Partnership Will Potentially Open Doors to New Customers

The deal between Buzzfeed will open Walmart to potential new customers, helping the company grow its online grocery business once the links to purchase ingredients are finally added to the app’s video.

Buzzfeed’s Tasty is a huge social media franchise that has almost 91 million Facebook followers. Its recipe videos have also accumulated at least 65 billion views worldwide.

According to Sumaiya Balbale, vice president of ecommerce, mobile, and digital marketing of Walmart, the company and Tasty have been trying to strike a deal for months. She also said that Walmart was inspired by how Tasty is “redefining how people see recipes.”

The deal with Buzzfeed’s Tasty is the first that both Walmart and are collaborating to sign an exclusive deal with a media outlet. Walmart is hoping that their deal will help the brand reach out to tech-savvy millennials while broadening’s exposure to the young and savvy urban consumers.

Are you also fond of watching some of those Tasty recipe videos? Share your thoughts about Walmart’s dealership with Tasty down below.

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