Walmart Extends Holiday Returns Windows and Requests Verification From Luxury & Fragrance Sellers

In a move aimed at providing added convenience and peace of mind to its customers during the holiday season, Walmart has extended its return policy for purchases made between October 1 and December 31, 2023. The new policy allows customers to return items until January 31, 2024, and comes with some exceptions.

Walmart’s return policy has some exclusions during this period, including wireless phones, Walmart protection plans, AppleCare, precious metals, and select luxury items. Customers are advised to check the specific product details and terms and conditions for any exclusions that may apply to their purchases.

Under the extended return policy, items purchased both in-store and online will be eligible for return until the end of January, offering shoppers more time to make returns and exchanges after the holiday rush.

One of the key advantages of this extended return policy is that customers won’t need to take any additional steps or contact Walmart to enjoy the extended return window. The system will automatically update the return deadline for eligible items.

Walmart’s decision to align its return policy with industry standards demonstrates its dedication to ensuring a seamless shopping experience for its customers during the busy holiday season.

The retailer understands that building trust and loyalty with shoppers is crucial, and a flexible return policy is a significant step in achieving this goal.

Walmart Luxury & Fragrance Vetting

In addition, sellers of luxury or fragrance products, who have received a Brand Review notice, should act immediately.

The Trust & Safety team at Walmart has initiated a Periodic Re-Review initiative, which applies to approved sellers listing select brands within categories that require pre-approval. If this applies to your business, you will receive a notice from the Trust & Safety team requesting you to create a support case with the answered questionnaire and supplier documentation.

The Periodic Re-Review initiative is designed to ensure that approved sellers continuously meet the necessary requirements and are sourcing their products from legitimate suppliers. Sellers in this category will be required to go through an enhanced vetting process on a semi-annual basis.

This proactive approach aims to mitigate any potential issues during the holiday season and ensures that products offered on Walmart Marketplace are coming from reputable sources.

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