Walmart Marketplace self serve marketing portal.

Walmart Sellers Can Now Manage Google Shopping Ads in Seller Center


Walmart is giving marketplace sellers more options to advertise their products through its self-serve advertising portal, according to an email sent to sellers.

The retail giant is now allowing eligible Walmart Marketplace sellers to create and manage Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns directly within Walmart’s Seller Center.

This new portal allows sellers to promote their products through Google Shopping Ads. After building a campaign, setting a budget, and activating it, sellers’ ads will appear in Google search results when shoppers search for related products.

Walmart says its proprietary bidding algorithms are designed to optimize sellers’ budgets and product selections to achieve the highest possible return on advertising spend and incremental sales.

The move appears aimed at helping Marketplace sellers drive more traffic to their Walmart product pages through targeted Google Ads “to help achieve the highest possible return on ad-spend (ROAS),” the company said.

Walmart Marketplace has grown rapidly over the past few years, with more than 400 million SKUs on its platform, many from independent sellers.

The new self-serve advertising option gives these sellers more power to reach customers searching for their products online.

Walmart held an invite-only seller summit last week, bringing together hundreds of third-party sellers to discuss the future and opportunities of its marketplace platform.

Manish Joneja, SVP, Walmart Marketplace and Walmart Fulfillment Services, shared his belief that Walmart’s Marketplace represents one of the greatest opportunities in retail today.

As Walmart continues expanding its ecommerce capabilities, enhancing advertising management options is just one of many new features that could help the company close the gap with rival marketplace Amazon.

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