In 2016 Walmart acquired for $3.3 billion to boost its online business, but it appears the brand may be on its way out.

In a blog post published today by Marc Lore, President and CEO, Walmart eCommerce U.S., he revealed that Walmart has been “repositioning” the Jet business since last year.

“Across most of the country, we saw we could get a much higher return on our marketing investments with, so we’ve dialed up our marketing spend there. However, in specific large cities where Walmart has few or no stores, Jet has become hyper focused on those urban customers.”

Marc Lore, President and CEO Walmart eCommerce U.S.

Are’s days numbered?

But Walmart is not just shifting marketing expenditures, Lore also revealed Walmart is “merging the rest of our Jet teams, including Retail, Marketing, Technology, Analytics, Product and several others within Walmart.”

In his post, Lore is trying to make the case that Jet is still a valuable brand for Walmart, but what value has the Jet business if most of its resources are merging with Walmart?

As Walmart’s eCommerce business continues to increase, it is clear the company’s focus is using its stores as an asset to grow the online business.

The discount retailer is targeting food and grocery sales by offering same-day delivery and curbside pickup of orders placed online.

While Amazon is trying to build out a grocery business, Walmart owns a large market share of the grocery segment already.

Expanding the grocery business online is the most logical step for Walmart and just doesn’t fit into that model.

As positive as Lore may still speak of the Jet business, Jet’s days appear to be numbered.

It makes little sense for a company of the size of Walmart to maintain a business with a limited reach, even if that reach is New York City.

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