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Walmart Updates Pro Seller Badge Criteria

Walmart is updating its Pro Seller Badge criteria, signaling a strategic move for the upcoming holiday season to boost its ecommerce business. This change aims to showcase top sellers and products, further highlighting its marketplace as a significant competitor to Amazon.

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Walmart launched the Pro Seller Badge in late 2020, resembling verified checkmarks on social media platforms. The badge aids sellers in boosting conversions because of its prominent position in search results and product pages.

However, the changes the company is implementing, which are set to take effect on September 20, will pose a greater challenge for sellers aiming to qualify for this prestigious badge.

Here are the new requirements to receive the badge:

  • Seller-Accountable On-Time Delivery: ≥95% in the last 90 days (up from ≥90%).
  • Seller-Accountable Cancellations: ≤1.5% in the last 90 days (reduced from ≥2%).
  • Seller Response Rate: ≥95% in the last 30 days (within 48 hours).
  • Actual vs. Promised Delivery: ≤2 calendar days difference.
  • Weekend Delivery: Saturday and/or Sunday delivery enabled. Alternatively, use Ship with Walmart (SWW) or Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS).
  • Handling Time: ≤1 business day handling time on the entire catalog.
  • Listing Quality Score: ≤70% of listings must be ≥60%.
  • Orders: More than 250 in the last 90 days (up from ≥100 orders).
  • Seller has been active for at least 90 days.
  • No violations of Trust & Safety or Performance Standards.

Walmart Seeking Better Customer Experiences

Walmart’s revision of its Pro Seller Badge criteria showcases a commitment to an enhanced marketplace experience.

By enforcing stringent standards, particularly in delivery, cancellations, and response rates, the retail giant strives to bolster customer trust and satisfaction.

This aligns with Walmart’s ecommerce expansion strategy, positioning it as a competitor to industry leader Amazon, especially during the pivotal holiday season.

These adjustments should prove advantageous for professional sellers, establishing a higher benchmark for quality on the platform and ultimately elevating the overall shopping journey for consumers.

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