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Walmart Updates Their Customer Care Requirements Policy

Here at eSeller365 we have been made aware of an email that has been sent to sellers on the Walmart marketplace regarding some updates to the “Customer Care Requirements & Returns Policy”.

We have included a copy of the email below.

“We have updated our Customer Care Requirements Policy and Returns Policy to improve the refund and returns experience both for Walmart sellers and customers. The following updates are effective starting April 17:

Customer Care Requirements Policy

In an effort to streamline the refunds process, Walmart Customer Care may now make customer service adjustments such as refunding orders, processing returns, or canceling orders. In some cases, this means that Walmart may issue a refund on your behalf to customers who state that their order was not delivered. By leveraging Walmart data, we expect that this change will help prevent unauthorized claims, reduce the number of customer care contacts for Marketplace sellers, and lower some of your operational costs.

Sellers can easily dispute any refunds processed by Walmart Customer Care directly from the Payments Dashboard in Seller Center within 45 days of the date the payment report was released. If a customer does choose to contact you directly with a refund inquiry, you have 48 hours to respond.

Return Shipping Policy

Marketplace sellers are now required to cover all return shipping fees (some exceptions apply) to ensure a consistent returns experience for online shoppers. Free return shipping is not only a key driver of customer satisfaction but is also a known way to boost your product conversion.

Sellers can continue leveraging low-cost shipping fees through Walmart’s Return Shipping Service (RSS). However, please note Walmart will no longer subsidize shipping for the return reason, “Changed Mind.”

For more detailed information, please review our updated policies:
Customer Care Requirements Policy
Return Shipping Policy
Thanks for your partnership,
The Walmart Marketplace team”

From our community, the feedback so far has been negative around this update as it seems like Walmart has taken away a lot of control over refunds and customer service from the sellers, under the guise of making their selling experience easier.

The opportunity for buyers however to exploit this new policy change is obviously apparent to any seasoned eCommerce sellers.

What are your thoughts on this policy? Let us know in the comments or over in our Facebook Group.

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