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Ware2Go Report: Is Fast Delivery Still the Holy Grail in Delivery?


The digital age has conditioned consumers to expect instant gratification, and fast delivery has been thought to be the main driver of success for online sellers and brands. With one click, almost any product imaginable can arrive at your doorstep in just a day or two.

Speed and convenience have long been the holy grail of ecommerce, driven largely by Amazon’s rise and its promise of lightning-fast delivery that has forced online merchants to compete on speed.

But consumer priorities appear to be evolving when it comes to online shopping.

According to a new consumer report by Ware2Go, the fast delivery expectations driven by Amazon may no longer be the ultimate priority for buyers. Today’s shoppers crave flexibility, transparency, and reliability above all else.

The survey polled 1,000 online shoppers of diverse ages and income levels. A whopping 90% said they would readily sacrifice 1-2 day delivery if other appealing shipping options were available.

Free shipping topped the list at 70%, but many also wanted one or more of the following services; real-time tracking (43%), ability to schedule delivery date (31%), in-store pickup (27%), and shipment consolidation (24%).

Clearly, consumers now desire more control over the delivery process, as 67% in the survey said they track packages daily, with over a quarter checking for updates multiple times per day. 59% are even willing to pay extra to pick their delivery date, highlighting the value this option places on flexibility.

While urgency (49%) still drives shoppers to opt for paid premium same-day delivery, buyers now evaluate this choice in the context of product type, cost, and necessity.

To build trust and improve delivery confidence, real-time tracking updates are key for 55% of shoppers. Over half also want real-time notifications about any shipment delays. Many believe options like delivery date selection (37%) and alternate delivery locations (23%) to prevent porch piracy are important as well.

Fast Delivery No Longer The Primary Decision Factor

As consumer priorities evolve, retailers must adapt their ecommerce strategies accordingly. While offerings like free returns and superior customer service will remain table stakes, new perks like shipment flexibility, transparency, and certainty will be the key differentiators shoppers demand.

The conclusion drawn from this report is straightforward. Sellers and brands that listen to these changing expectations and provide a reliable, customizable delivery experience stand to earn customer loyalty in the years ahead.

*The report is based on a July 2023 survey conducted by kNow Instant Insights on behalf of Ware2Go, a UPS company, that provides an on-demand fulfillment network and technology platform enabling 1-2 day delivery for merchants at affordable rates. 1,000 U.S. consumers aged 18 to 65 across all income levels participated in the survey.

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