Ware2Go, a UPS Company and on-demand fulfillment network designed to help merchants enhance their delivery experiences, collaborated with Fundera, the leading online marketplace for small business financial solutions.

The agreement will ease access to the services and insights merchants need to grow by combining cutting-edge logistics capabilities with a myriad of financing options from top bank and online lenders, as well as credit card issuers.

Together, Ware2Go and Fundera are laying the foundation for a new wave of merchant services that not only meet SMB expectations – such as one- to two-day delivery and inventory financing – but also deliver them seamlessly and transparently.

Laying the Groundwork for SMBs

In the past, access to financial and logistics services was limited, and navigating products was difficult. This collaboration aims to replace legacy expectations and create a modern service environment that reflects the specific needs and resources of SMBs nationwide.

“An infusion of capital is a defining moment for any small business owner. It can provide the resources they need to bring their business to the next level, whether it’s expanding into a new location, launching a new product or covering payroll. Our collaboration with Ware2Go will create more opportunities for a collective base of SMBs, allowing them to access the tools they need to secure the right type of financing that will drive their operations and position them for long-term growth. We are two organizations with one goal: empowering small businesses across America.”


Tony Santillo, Senior Vice President, Fundera

The introduction of Fundera’s business financing component to the Ware2Go scalable, nationwide warehousing and fulfillment platform means qualified merchants will now have the financial wherewithal to expand their use of the service.

For example, a business looking to broaden its geographic reach will have the ability to go from a single warehouse to several and effectively stock each location – quickly and with very little friction.

Taking this a step further, deploying the capital obtained through Fundera’s financing allows merchants to purchase additional inventory. This, in turn, enables them to maintain supply at multiple distribution centers across the U.S., thereby guaranteeing one- to two-day fulfillment for all their customers without being hindered by backorders, stockouts or delivery delays.

What are your thoughts on this new partnership?

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