Webflow eCommerce Taking On Shopify – Bespoke Website No Coding Required

Webflow have today announced their latest tool ‘Webflow eCommerce’ looking to take a direct swipe at the eCommerce competition especially Shopify who currently lead the market for the ‘simple to use’ solution.

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Webflow has been around since 2013 and has been a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) tool that allows designers to build production-ready, responsive websites without any coding knowledge required.

Utilising a drag and drop editor it made making fantastic looking responsive websites super simple.

The eCommerce Evolution

Today they announce their next step of evolution as software as they launch Webflow eCommerce.

This will build upon their existing easy to design and develop platform and now embed eCommerce functionality including a CRM as well as inventory and order management.

You can check out the designer in action in the video below.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Co-Founder and CTO of Webflow Bryant Chou last week to discuss this new launch and what their aims were for eCommerce.

One thing that became immediately apparent was Bryant’s passion for giving eCommerce store owners much more control and customisation of their website.

Webflow aims to get rid of those annoying 2-4 week lead times for some design or theme change and instead bring those down to mere minutes by empowering businesses to get creative without the need for being full blown designers or web developers.

“Webflow’s Ecommerce platform allows modern brands, agencies and companies to create unique and vibrant shopping experiences without a single line of code. You’ll be able to spin up landing pages, banners, promotions, in minutes, not days or weeks. It will be like having a team of developers at your fingertips.” Bryant Chou, CTO, Webflow

Websites Need To Adapt

One of the main features for Webflow eCommerce is giving the business owner back control over their own website without having to rely on third parties to turn your ideas into reality.

webflow checkout page

Many eCommerce businesses get stuck with spending thousands of dollars for a website design or even worse, an out of the box theme which leaves them with a site they can’t adapt without further cost, or a site which looks like all their competitors with no creativity shining through.

This is what has the potential to stand Webflow apart from the likes of Shopify.

They aren’t stopping there either, I asked Bryant about what Webflow envisioned for the future.

We see ecommerce evolving over the next five years, however we know Amazon is here to stay. They will remain as a dominant distribution channel and we will have many integrations with Amazon Marketplace as well as Amazon FBA to ensure businesses on Webflow are set up for multi-channel success.” Bryant Chou, CTO, Webflow

With pricing set to be in the same ball park as Shopify too it seems like Webflow eCommerce could well become the relative newcomer to the eCommerce platform market and looking to challenge the big boys of Shopify and Magento for dominance.

Time will tell, but after meeting some of the team and hearing their passion for their product I think they have a great chance at disrupting the market and wish them all the best.

What do you think of Webflow eCommerce? Would it be a consideration for your business? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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  1. Websites as a whole are hard to figure out, so you have companies like wix and godaddy that have website builder so that everyone can create their own website. E-Commerce is a completely different animal, just the security side of things is above some web developers, so it’s nice that this guys aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Using third party parties for their E-Commerce should save a lot of time and development, so that’s also great…i am familiar with webflow and shopify and to be honest shopify is way more intuitive and supper easy to use where as webflow while rich in options it might over whelm some users.

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