Offers Free eCommerce Website with No Transaction Fees

Website builder introduces new eCommerce feature with not transaction and subscription fees. Founded in 2005, to date, has mostly served blogs, personal and business pages.

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This new solution is designed for small merchants who wish to break into eCommerce without burdening them with long-term commitments and subscription fees.

New users can set up a shop with the simple to use drag-and-drop interface to create a customized look for their site and be up and running in no time.

“Our ultimate goal is not to offer false promises of success to entrepreneurs, but to lower the cost of entry and business sustainability. It’s unrealistic for new business owners to expect instant profits. Unlike other eCommerce service providers, our free platform allows owners to start selling online, on their own time without added pressure.”

Stuart Williams, director of marketing at

By offering a free eCommerce platform, small merchants are not pressured to realize sales immediately while they learn how to best market and promote their products.

This approach by is especially beneficial for micro-businesses where the owner/operator often works on small margins and does all the work themselves.

The company also offers domain name registration at $15 per year, which is a fairly standard price these days.

“We’re seeing that the financial burden for new business owners looking to sell online is just too high. The startup cost can often force a new business owner to drop out of the race before they even have a chance to see any growth. Unlike other major eCommerce providers,’s platform provides a solution that is suitable even for individuals to see if selling online is for them – with no commitment.”

Stuart Williams, director of marketing at

Free Has Limitations and Comes with Ads

Of course, anything offered for free has some limitations. This is also’s first real foray into eCommerce, so the platform is not at the same level as Volusion, Shopify, or BigCommerce.

The free option is limited to 10 pages, 1GB of bandwidth, and will show ads on the pages. Additional plans with unlimited pages and no ads start at $9 per month.

Overall, the idea to offer a free tier even for eCommerce is a pretty interesting step for micro businesses. The company already serves over 1 million pages and offers over 400 in-house designed templates.

As a drag-and-drop website provider with a large number of ready to go templates, the service can really make it easy to get started in eCommerce.

Even the paid tiers should suffice for many small eCommerce stores with limited inventory. does lack many integrations and features found at other SaaS eCommerce platforms, But for some owners they may not be necessary and the paid tier pricing is very attractive.

The new free eCommerce platform is now available in select countries.

What do you think about’s approach to bring micro businesses into eCommerce? Drop us a line in the comments sections below.

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