Earlier in the year, during Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the company discussed how its Messenger app is becoming the communication platform of the future for people and businesses.

With over 64% of Facebook users using Messenger and over 2 billion Facebook users, Messenger has enjoyed huge growth and user adoption.

Messenger is being positioned to become the global yellow pages, improving discovery so that users can find businesses more easily.


Ironically, Facebook owns one of the largest competing messaging systems in WhatsApp. And now the company is looking to improve discovery and monetization streams.

With over 1 billion daily active users, 1.3 monthly active users, and 55 billion messages sent per day, the potential of the platform is tremendous.

To date, Facebook has done little work on discovery and business integration with WhatsApp, but that is changing now. Facebook announced it is piloting a new program to highlight verified business users on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Verified Business BadgeWhen a green badge is displayed next to a contact’s name, it indicates WhatsApp confirmed the phone number belongs to a business.

The name of the company may display differently depending on if you have the business saved in your WhatsApp address book.

For example, if you save a business in your address book, you can rename the business and all interactions in the app with that company will display with that name.

However, if you contact a business that is not in your address book, the name of the company as chosen by the business will show in your app.

Also, the platform will let users know when they talk with a business via yellow messages inside a chat. Currently, there is no way to delete these messages.

For privacy and security, WhatsApp users can block a business from contacting them using the standard block feature in WhatsApp.

The pilot program is currently available only to a small number of businesses. The company did not announce any expansion plans or a system-wide roll out date.

What is your thought about WhatsApp becoming more business friendly? Is this messaging and communications platform one you use to interact with customers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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