Amazon deliveries fail

“DELIVERY NOTIFICATION: Package has arrived.

LOCATION: Inside your living room.”

Was the rather tongue in cheek facebook status from the Roswell Georgia Police Department over the weekend where they answered a call to find an Amazon Prime delivery truck had plowed through someones home.

According to the Roswell PD the delivery truck had suffered a parking brake failure and rolled down a driveway across the street and went straight through the front door with “The accuracy of a 300-club Bowler”

Whilst it makes for an entertaining photo opportunity, it is unclear at this time who will actually be liable for the damages caused. As the vast majority of Amazon delivery drivers are actually contractors they are not covered by the same benefits and insurance as Amazon employees.

In 2019 it was alleged that Amazon actually take little to no liability for incidents involving their delivery drivers with an Amazon spokesperson commenting “delivery service partners” assume all liability and responsibility for legal costs including “all loss or damage to personal property or bodily harm including death.”

However in some recent instances Amazon have agreed to pay for damages that are more substantial in nature, and if it turns out that this was indeed a parking brake failure with their van then it would seem likely Amazon or maybe even Mercedes would be covering any costs.

Sadly Amazon haven’t fully rolled out their new in truck dash cam yet, which may have given a first hand view of what happened.

Either way I can’t see there being a long line of Amazon customers offering to be a part of their new in-home delivery service. 😉

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