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Wix Now Integrates With Google Ads Directly


Wix introduces a new integration called Google Ads with Wix, empowering Wix users to conveniently generate Google Ads campaigns right within the Wix platform.

This innovative feature enables Wix users to streamline their ad creation process and effortlessly attract traffic to their websites through Google Ads. As a result, users can significantly enhance their conversions and achieve greater success online.

Wix users can now construct their Google Ads campaign with full control over customizing ad settings, crafting engaging ad content, and establishing a suitable campaign budget.

This seamless campaign creation process within the Wix platform ensures efficiency and automatically facilitates the monitoring of traffic, leads, and revenue generated from the campaign.

“We are always working on offering more tools to provide Wix users with a holistic experience to run their business, including all of their marketing needs,” said Kobi Gamliel, Head of User Marketing at Wix.

“This can now be provided by our new partnership with Google Ads, helping companies and entrepreneurs market their website and business as part of the Wix buyflow.”

Furthermore, users can also benefit from Google Ads’ content and keyword theme suggestions, which assists in creating compelling ads that effectively capture the attention of individuals actively seeking the products or services being offered through the website.

Once Wix users establish their campaign budget, the entire campaign is intelligently optimized based on the keyword themes they specify.

This ensures that their budget is strategically allocated towards targeting potential customers actively searching for products or services that align with the store owner’s business, thereby maximizing business prospects.

Additionally, users enjoy the advantage of precise ad conversion tracking seamlessly integrated into their website, eliminating the need for a manual data flow setup.

Detailed reports containing campaign data and performance metrics are provided to users, accompanied by valuable suggestions for optimizing future campaigns to achieve even better results.

“After integrating Google’s Workspace for productivity, Search Console for discovery, and Google Business Profile for location, our mutual customers were missing a seamless online marketing solution,” said Yuval Dvir, Global Director of Online Partnerships at Google.

“Traditionally, creating a campaign can be time-consuming, and complex. By making this process seamless and fast, users can efficiently build campaigns to generate traffic through search, which is a key tool to increase brand awareness and profitability.

“This integration allows users to save time and better optimize their marketing efforts, all from within Wix, so they can get in front of the right audience and continue to grow their business.”

Wix Keeps Building Tools for Merchants

This new integration is just one of many new platform enhancements Wix has rolled out this year. Earlier this month, Wix partnered with Shippo to launch Wix Shipping, a new platform to integrate a shipping solution for ecommerce merchants.

And last month, Wix launched a new integration with Meta to enable merchants to efficiently manage all customer communication and interactions from a single inbox for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

The new Google Ads with Wix solution will allow small business premium users to raise their brand awareness and drive traffic to their site.

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