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The World’s Admiration for Products “Made in Germany”

According to a research group Statista, products manufactured in Germany has the highest reputation ranked by consumers all over the world, more than any other country.

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Germany’s reputation as the producer of high-quality products was not affected by issues regarding Volkswagen’s emissions scandal as the nation still enjoys the highest score.  Beating countries like Sweden and Switzerland to the top spot.

According to Forbes, the British originally created the “made in” label in the late 19th century to ensure that consumers would recognize their products from counterfeit items coming in from Germany.

The survey reflects a consumer’s perception of a country brand

Contrary to what to the British assumed, Germany now has the highest mark in quality, and the UK ranks on the 4th spot.

“It is no secret that this perception of the label changed rather quickly and ‘Made in Germany’ became a seal of quality – also due to the German economic miracle of the 1950s,” Statista Made In Country Index report.

The survey was conducted with the help of Dalia Research, who created a roster of the most respected country brands, in terms of production of products.

The data is based on the assessments of at least 43,000 respondents in 52 nations. Statista compiled the information to get an idea of how people view products from different nations.

The next country brand to make it to the list was Made in Switzerland, next is the European Union, followed by the United Kingdom, and then Sweden.

The country that received the lowest rank was Made in China.  This comes as a surprise to some since China did rank #1 as the most reputable producer in mainland China.

However, respondents located in Hong Kong ranked China the worst.

What do you think of these statistics? Do you agree or disagree, and did you know your products could be perceived as some of the highest quality?  Let us know down below.

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