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eBay Announce Winter/February Seller Update 2022


eBay has today announced a ‘February Seller Update’ for their marketplaces across Europe and the UK and whilst there is no official announcement on the US site yet…they do have a page live for winter 2022.

Firstly this is an interesting break from normal proceedings as eBay usually announces their seller updates in the spring and fall seasons. However, on the UK announcement site, they have the announcement titled Business Seller Update February 2022. Does this mean we can still expect a bigger update in the Spring, or is this a new style for eBay where they will roll out smaller but more frequent seller updates?

The other confusing aspect of this update is them calling it the Winter 2022 update on the US site. Whilst February is definitely still Winter, the Winter season we are in started in December 2021 and most normal naming conventions would dictate that we are still in Winter 2021. Which would then mean Winter 2022 didn’t start until December 2022, a solid 10 months away.

At the time of publishing an official announcement was not live for the US site but looking at the landing page above it aligns very closely with the rest of the UK and Europe…albeit with a different naming style…randomly.

Below you can see the full announcement from eBay UK regarding what the eBay seller updates are for February 2022. For the US landing page with all of the details click here.

eBay Business Seller Update February 2022 Announcement

“In the 2022 February Seller Update, we’re announcing many of the previously subscription-only features of Selling Manager Pro are now available free of charge. There are new features and more detailed information in your Sales Report, in the Seller Hub Performance tab.

Updates to the Promoted Listings marketing tool include new features for Promoted Listings Express and Promoted Listings Advanced.

We’ll shortly be rolling out an exciting new messaging experience in the mobile app that will better connect you to your buyers and make it easier for you to manage your messages.

Whether you’re new to eBay or have been selling for years, all UK sellers with a registered business account can now take advantage of eBay Academy‘s wide range of free interactive courses.

Work has continued on reducing unpaid items on eBay in the Best Offer flows, with the introduction of a new feature that will start collecting payment details in all Best Offer scenarios. 

At eBay, we’re committed to building a marketplace that works for all sellers, no matter what you’re selling or the size of your business. We’re always listening to your feedback on the challenges you face when it comes to our fees and we’re making changes to support this. We’re also updating some of our policies. You’ll see below that this involves removing or adapting the policies that you’ve told us don’t work for your business and extending the ones that do.

Learn more about the topics we’re announcing in our 2022 February Seller Update: 

Listing & Promoting 

Running Your Business


As always, thank you for selling on eBay. 

The eBay Team”

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