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Video: FedEx Driver Caught ‘Frisbeeing’ Package From Moving Truck


Another video has hit the internet and this time it’s of a FedEx delivery driver taking express delivery to a whole new meaning as he is caught ‘frisbeeing’ (If that is even a word) a package from his moving truck onto someone’s doorstep.

We can only assume that this driver was once a newspaper delivery person and has swapped his bicycle for a FedEx Truck. Whilst the accuracy is impressive you can’t help but flinch at the impact of the said product as it ricochets off several walls and the ground.

Video Source: @racheyyyporter TikTok

FedEx Delivery Fail

The video that you can see above has been viewed over 1.1 million times on the social media platform TikTok.The video has been liked almost 200,000 times and with over 1800 comments. Most of the comments actually marveled at the impressive accuracy from the driver, with others speculating that they must have promised delivery before 6pm, as the time stamp on the video was 5:59pm.

Whilst there is no further context at the time as to the contents of the package or the status of it post delivery we can only assume it was not fragile as there would likely have been more outrage from the poster.

This is just another funny video of delivery companies getting caught on camera doing some rather interesting things. Last year we witnessed a USPS driver throwing a package on a roof, also an Amazon truck driver taking an interesting detour over a grass verge.

It’s not only fails that get shared online however, just a few weeks ago a heroic Amazon driver was seen rescuing a teen and her pet from a wild dog attack again thanks to a doorbell camera.

Once again it is a reminder for everyone and delivery drivers, especially that they should always assume they are being recorded in today’s world.

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