StockX Lowers Fees

StockX To Reduce Selling Fees on July 1, 2023

StockX announced that on July 1, 2023, the company will launch updates to the StockX Seller Program, including lower base fees for ALL Seller levels.

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The company’s marketplace makes selling easy, enabling sellers to simply search for a product and set their selling price. There is no need to take product pictures, share personal information, or negotiate with potential buyers. And the more sellers sell, the lower their selling fees become.

On July 1, StockX will make selling fees even more affordable by introducing a new base fee of 9% with volume sellers being able to earn even lower fees – in addition to other perks and benefits.

StockX will take the sale activity from April 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023 (Q2) to determine the seller level and fees for the next quarter. Sellers will see the changes in their account on July 1.

The company will have 5 seller levels, with each level reducing base transaction fees by 0.50%. Here is the table of what sellers should expect:

For sellers to maintain their selling level, they must sustain their selling activities. For example, a seller who reaches Seller Level 3 (40 sales) in a specific quarter, must maintain the same volume in the next quarter to keep their selling level.

However, any seller who increases their sales during a quarter and reaches the volume required for the next level, will move up immediately during the quarter.

Sellers who do not make any sales during a quarter will be moved to base level 1 on the next quarter, regardless of which level they had reached.

Here are more details from StockX on this seller program change that will make selling more affordable on the platform.

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